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Introduction to Intimacy Coordination for Film & TV & Direction for performance

Lead by IDI-UK Founders and Certified Professionals. This company are revolutionising the film/television/theatre industries in response to #MeToo; they are relatively small at the moment, but they are becoming well known in the industry (on Broadway, and by Netflix, HBO, Channel 4 and Amazon Prime). Essentially what they do is act as Intimacy Coordinators and Intimacy Directors and choreograph intimacy on set in accordance to the actors’ own boundaries, whilst working as a go-between for the actors and the director. 

This structured, set of workshops has been converted to virtual webinar format. 

To allow delegates to gain the most from the concentrated content & achieve the maximum learning outcomes, these webinars have been broken down as a short course over 4 consecutive dates and session timeslots.  

Delegates will need to commit to attend all of the sessions outlined below: 

  • Monday 22nd February 2021, 6:30-8:30pm 
  • Tuesday 23rd February 2021, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Wednesday 24th February 2021, 6:30-8:30pm
  • Thursday 25th February 2021, 6:30-8:30pm

Students that participate in this course will gain a certificate of attendance and an introduction into the professional coordination and direction of intimacy performance within the film & tv industry. 

Aimed at

Those entering or planning to develop careers in Film & TV studying Film, Theatre, Communications & Media Studies pathways.

Aims & Objectives

Students that participate in this course will gain a certificate of attendance and an introduction into the professional coordination and direction of intimacy performance within the film & tv industry. 

Modular content will cover:

History of Intimacy: Introduction to the history of intimacy and the founding of the first international intimacy organisation. This session focuses on researched based intimacy for the stage and screen, the impact and aftermath of #metoo and the establishing of the roles of Intimacy Directors and Intimacy Coordinators in the arts industry. 

Comprehensive consent and boundaries: The concept of consensual touch between actors and establishing the difference between permission and consent. This section allows students to safely discover and recognise their own physical boundaries whilst giving them the tools to communicate these boundaries effectively to their co-actors and directors. "Boundary work" helps the actors to distinguish the difference between being "safe and uncomfortable" vs "dangerous and uncomfortable" and can thus prepare them to safely push comfort levels in an educational setting. 

Introduction to the Pillars of Intimacy: A method designed and conceptualized by Tonia Sina and is the basis of all Intimacy Directors International's philosophy. These pillars focus on consent, context, communication, choreography and closure of intimate work. 

Intensity Scale: We also include an introduction to the Intensity Scale which underpins the creation of dynamic intimacy for the stage and screen. The Intimacy Scale allows participants to use a tangible, repeatable structure to determine the level of intensity required for any given scene or moment. 

Power Dynamics:The concept of power dynamics will also be discussed in the context of choreographing intimacy within an educational and professional setting. Our Power Dynamics session considers the power structures within a rehearsal room and allows the participants to consider their power dynamic within various situations and navigate these constructively. 

Practical Choreography Session: All participants will be given the opportunity to choreograph and simulate basic intimacy scenes going no further than a physical embrace. As with every session, we encourage active participation but it is certainly not mandatory and the option to sit out or leave the room is available at any time. 

Way forward: During this session we will discuss to how protect the work of intimacy directors and coordinators as well as practical ways to raise the standard of the industry regarding intimacy for the stage and screen. 

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