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Customer Service

Key message: Those who work in service have a “gift” that they can bestow on others. You can choose who you give that “gift” to. Professionalism is NOT the “gift”, the “gift” is something extra – unwrap it in this session…


Aimed at


Aims & Objectives

  • Identify our view of “good” customer service
  • Identify the barriers to performing good customer service and suggesting ways to overcome them
  • Identify what “Going the extra Mile” entails, and discussing when to do so (the gift…which can be very appropriate, or inappropriate!)
  • Explain that our behaviour is a choice and we can use it to help or hinder a situation!
  • Apply our knowledge to scenarios
  • Discuss means of support in difficult situations (eg. communities of coping)

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There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.