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An introduction to NLP techniques

Goal: If we understand how we process information, we can understand how to make changes

No matter how strong we feel, or how prepared we are, we have weaknesses that can betray us or condemn us. (There is debate over whether it was Achilles’ heel – a physical weakness, or merely his pride that eventually killed him!) Using the story of Achilles, this 6 week programme gives personal insight into our perceptions, beliefs and how they may affect us and our relationships, and enables us to both get better in touch with our feelings so that we may manage them as well as move forward with a realistic approach. Often our biggest barrier to success is - ourself!

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Aimed at

Any student studying within CBASS

Aims & Objectives

  • Explain the components of NLP
  • Identify how NLP can work for you
  • Explain the difference between a state and a goal
  • State goals in the positive

No dates available

There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.