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Mindfulness: Managing anxiety

NEW for 2019

This programme is a much more psychologically driven unit looking at organisations as “entities” which can consume you if you are not aware.  However, when you can recognise the issues you face, you are able to better navigate a path through smoother waters.

The first 10 sessions will also offer a number of helpful tips for taking action to manage time, stress and anxiety which can be applied right now – as well as in a challenging environment.

However, this is not a “magic pill” – it will take effort, and there are no “simple solutions”…but the more you practice taking a pro-active approach to life the easier, and more empowering, it becomes.

Aims & Objectives

Goal: Identifying your anxieties and finding ways to manage them is one of the key areas of mindfulness

  • Exploring what anxiety is
  • Completing an anxiety audit
  • Identifying our anxiety triggers and how they/we let them(!) build up
  • Discuss how to build resilience
  • Discuss how to manage expectations
  • Discuss the impact of social media on anxiety and how we can manage that

No dates available

There are no dates currently scheduled for this workshop.